What are the Costs of Installing a Combination Boiler?

Shop around to get the best combi boiler priceA combi boiler is designed to contain all its parts in one neat, compact unit which is far more energy efficient and takes a lot less time to heat up than older boilers with a hot storage water tank. When you are having your new combi boiler installed all that needs fitting is this single unit – this shouldn’t take a professional engineer more than a couple of hours to install.

So installing a combi boiler should also be a pretty cheap job, right? Well, that’s not strictly always the case. For one thing, every model is designed differently, and the costs of installing your combi boiler will depend on a number of practical factors such as size, whether or not radiators need replacing and the length of flue required to vent waste gases. You might also need to remove old water tanks in the attic and airing cupboard too, so all in all, it could take a couple of days to install your new combi boiler.

To help you on your way, we have provided this quick guide which explains just how much each aspect of installing a combi boiler might set you back.

How much does a combi boiler cost?

First of all, you will need to decide where you are going to purchase your new unit; each outlet will charge varying prices depending on the size and make of combi boiler you choose:

1. Wholesalers & retailers prices

From high-street retailers such as Tap Store or Primrose Bathrooms to local plumbers in your area, or even online companies such as the OneStopBoilerShop, there are several retail outlets for you to choose from when purchasing a new combi boiler. Costs will generally be cheaper online, especially if you shop around (often as little as £200 – £300 for the really simple models!), but going to local shops or traders will enable you to negotiate a better deal in person, one that often includes installation and a warranty and/or guarantee in the asking price.

2. Prices of your energy provider

Costs of installing a new combi boiler will vary between different energy companies, but generally n-power and British Gas are considered the more expensive options (around £1,000 – £1,500). Combi boiler installation costs from smaller companies such as E-on UK or EDF Energy come in at around £600 – £800.

3. Prices direct from the manufacturer

Again, prices will vary depending on the brand and quality of model you choose. Combi boilers from manufacturers such as Glow-Worm or Worcester Bosch usually cost between £750 and £1,300 including installation; while lesser quality models such as Baxi or Corgi generally charge closer to the £500 – £800 mark.

Alternatively, you can figure out the costs of a new combi boiler based on the amount of work that needs to be completed. Here are some examples that range from some of the cheapest to most expensive cost scenarios:

  • Installing a combi boiler in a prepared area: £600 – £800
  • Installing a combi boiler in a new area that may need re-sizing: £650 – £900
  • Installing a combi boiler and new radiators (including installing relevant pipework): £900 – £1,500
  • Removal of old heating system (including old water tanks and copper piping) and comprehensive replacement of all materials and fittings: £1,500 – £2,500

As you can see, the price of installing a combi boiler will vary from household to household; the most important thing is to save and budget before making your purchase – so you are absolutely certain you can afford the model you need. Additionally, you should never just buy the first thing that comes up; shop around and compare quotes to get the best deal you can, and that way the cost of your combi boiler installation will be kept as low as possible.

12 thoughts on “What are the Costs of Installing a Combination Boiler?

  1. To help drive down installation costs and improve apperance of the pressure relife valve please look at the pipe cowl. Its also the only NHBC approved fitting. Something for your readers to concider.

  2. would like to know cost of replacing existing Servowarm boiler and emersion heater to go to ‘Combi ‘ system
    price of parts and instilation please

  3. Living in a flat I have an Electramate2000 boiler supplying off peak central heating and mains pressure hot water.
    Can you advise a suitable replacement and the cost involved

  4. If you can afford that little but extra make sure your system is flushed and then fitted with a Fernox FT 1 filter for ongoing assistance to maintain a clean efficient system.
    Op for wireless controls to reduce disturbance in your home.

  5. Ive just had my combi replaced as it finally died.got an ideal logic + 30kw supplied and fitted for £1700.00 which after searching around I found to be a good price

  6. What are the regulations of installing a combi boiler in the bathroom?

    I am have been told I need a new boiler and I am getting quotes from different companies.
    One company has been in to have a look but the manager will come to give me a quote.
    The engineer said there are certain regulations
    1: The boiler needs to be so many cms away from the bath and needs to be boxed in?
    2 : The electric switch need to be boxed in?
    I am getting a quote which includes the boiler, installation, carpentry (boxed in) and electrics

    I will need further quotes from other companies (including yours) but I need to be clear on what the regulations are and make sure I am not being duped.


  7. I’ve been really struggling to get my boiler replaced, difficulty getting hold of plumbers, most that have been to see the house and what I want done, don’t get back to me. I’ve had one person agree to do the job and they have quoted me £6500. This is for a £1200 boiler, plus removal of old boiler, cylinder and associated pipework, installing a new 28mm gas feed from the meter to the boiler and installing 8 TRV’s, an RF room stat and timer/programmer. Having been a plumber, I know this work can be done in two days and I know the material costs will be around £1600. Unfortunately, due to poor health, I am unable to do the work myself, it’s really frustrating.

  8. We at Switch to Green have a number of options in regards to upgrading your old central heating system, from buying outright, finance packages and a monthly option with insurance, service plan and a new ‘A’ rated boiler. For furthur information give us a call on 0191 5803030.

  9. British Gas have today quoted me a MASSIVE £4,995.00 for REPLACING my old boiler and putting in a NEW combi boiler.
    the engineer says “the new one can’t go where the old one now resides”, fair comment, however he proposes to fit the new one in the kitchen, which is near to all services, such as water, gas main and electric supply.
    WHEN the new boiler only costs £900.00.
    ONCE AGAIN RIP OFF british gas.
    BRING THEM DOWN, LETS ALL FORCE BG, to lower their prices, not just their rip off replacement of old boilers, but the entire rip off company, gas prices the whole lot.

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